Traffic Violations

Traffic Lawyers for all Levels of Traffic Violations

In Michigan, there are three different classifications for traffic violations. These include:

  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Civil Infractions

Both felony and misdemeanor offenses require a person to appear in court. Consequences of being found guilty include:

  • Fines and Costs
  • Probation
  • Possible Incarceration
  • Points are Assessed

Civil infraction offenses are only punishable by a fine. However, failure to pay the fine will result in your driver’s license being suspended.

Depending on the number of points accrued on a person’s driver’s license, that person may be at risk of having his/her driver’s license suspended or revoked.

It is always important to be a safe and cautious driver, as doing so will increase a person’s ability to maintain a clean driving record which will in turn reduce insurance costs, saving you, the driver more money.

However, people make mistakes and find themselves in situations having to defend oneself against the traffic offense. When doing so, hiring an attorney with experience is of the utmost importance.

At Debolski, Debolski, & O’Connor our attorneys will defend your rights and work to obtain the most favorable outcome in your matter.

Please take a look at the following table to see some of the offenses and points associated with them upon conviction. Please remember that this is only a sample guide and does not list every traffic offense available.

Traffic tickets can be successfully defended against by Michigan traffic ticket lawyers.


Traffic Violations
Operating while Intoxicated (OWI)6Misdemeanor
Operating with the Presence of Drugs (OWPD)6Misdemeanor
OWI Super Drunk6Misdemeanor
Operating while Visibly Impaired (OWVI)4Misdemeanor
Negligent Homicide6Felony
Felony with a Motor Vehicle Being Used6Felony
Leaving Scene or Property Damage Accident (LSPDA)6Midemeanor
Failure to Stop and Identify After a Personal Injury Accident6Misdemeanor
Reckless Driving6Misdemeanor
Drag Racing4Misdemeanor
Disobeying a Stop Sign3Civil Infraction
Disobeying a Traffic Signal3Civil Infraction
Careless Driving3Civil Infraction
Speeding(points depend on MPH over Speed Limit)Civil Infraction
Limited Access Speeding(points depend on MPH over Speed Limit)Civil Infraction
Failure to Stop with a Clear Assured Distance2Civil Infraction
Drove without Due Care and Caution2Civil Infraction
No Seatbelt0Civil Infraction
Impeding or Blockading Traffic0Civil Infraction
Improper Turn2Civil Infraction
No Turn on Red2Civil Infraction

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