Divorce Attorney Provides Information on Alimony Support

Divorce can be a very sad, bitter, and complicated process for everyone involved. Most married couples probably never foresee a split with their partner when they set out to start a life together. Unfortunately, for nearly 50% of American couples, the distant thought of a divorce becomes a reality. Upon filing for divorce, most people are concerned about how to divide their assets, child support, and what they will owe their spouse.

While the way a court determines alimony is not set in stone, many judges will follow a similar formula for calculating how much spousal support your ex will receive.  There are many factors that may be taken into consideration when determining alimony in Michigan including the following:

  • Income
  • The Ability of the Party to Pay Spousal Support
  • Standard of Living
  • Length of Marriage
  • Health
  • Needs
  • Children
  • Ability to Work

Calculate Alimony in Michigan

Each marriage, and divorce for that matter, is unique, which is why there is no certain way to predict exactly what you will owe your spouse in alimony. If you are going through a divorce and have questions regarding alimony, child support, or anything dealing with the legal process of splitting from your partner, it is advisable that you contact a divorce attorney.

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