Driver’s License Restoration

Looking to Restore your Suspended or Revoked License in Michigan? Our Attorneys can Help.

Many people forget that being able to drive is a privilege. There are many rules the driver must abide by in order to legally keep their license. In the case that a driver violates certain laws, the Secretary of State is responsible for suspending or revoking that driver’s license. There are many factors that are considered when determining the appropriate action against the driver’s license. Some of those factors include:

• Type of violation the driver has committed
• The driver’s previous driving record
• The type of behavior involved in the driving violation

There are three main types of action that may be taken in terms of penalties on one’s driver’s license. They include:

Driver’s License Suspension– A suspended driver’s license will usually start and end on a specific date. In order to get the license reinstated, the driver will have to pay a fine on the day the suspension ends. There are some cases where a license may be suspended indefinitely.
Driver’s License Revocation– This means that the Michigan Secretary of State has taken away the driver’s license and the driver must reapply for their license.
Driver’s License Restriction– This will usually allow the driver to drive to work, school, court, or to receive medical treatment.

A driver’s license may get suspended or revoked for various different reasons. Some of these reasons include:

• OWI/DUI charge (Operating While Intoxicated, Driving Under the Influence)
• DUID (Driving Under the Influence of Drugs)
• DWLS (Driving while License Suspended)
• Excessive moving violations (too many points on a person’s driving record)
• Driving without Insurance
• Failure to pay traffic tickets
• Leaving the scene of an accident
• Reckless driving

The length of driver’s license suspension or revocation depends on the seriousness of the crime committed and the circumstances surrounding it.

How to Get Your Suspended License Back in Michigan

The process to get a revoked license restored can be complicated and usually involves paperwork, court appearances, fees, and many more details. The assistance of an attorney can be helpful in understanding the detailed process of restoring a license and may help get a driver’s license reinstated in a more timely manner.

If a license has been revoked due to multiple drunk driving charges, a restoration request must be made through the Michigan Secretary of State’s DAAD, which stands for “Drivers Assessment and Appeal Division”. An attorney from the Debolski, Debolski, & O’Connor law firm can assist you in requesting a DAAD hearing and walking you through all the necessary steps to help win your license back.


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