Child Custody

Michigan Divorce Attorneys Assist with Child Custody Arrangements

Child custody is a legal term that is used to describe the relationship between a parent and his or her child. During a divorce proceeding, child custody is usually discussed when deciding the legal rights a parent has to spend time with their child and as to where the child should reside.

When parents become divorced, it is increasingly important to cooperate with each other for the sake of the children. When parents cannot come to an agreement on how their children’s time should be divided between them, they may need to enter mediation in order to settle a dispute. It is important for the emotional well-being and development of the child that they spend the appropriate amount of time with each parent in respect to their best interest.

After thoroughly examining each parent, the court will develop a schedule that meets the developmental needs of the children. There are several different custody arrangements that may results from a custody battle. In many cases, parents will get joint custody of their children and other times, one parent will obtain sole custody. There are also arrangements that may be made for the child or children to alternate extended periods of time with both their parents. In cases where parents have more than one child, the court may work out a split custody arrangement in which one parent has full-time custody over one child or children, and the other parent has full time custody over the other child or children.

Lawyers that Help your Family Thrive After Divorce

When a divorce occurs, it is always the hope that parents can be amicable enough to make it an easy transition for the children. Divorce can be very traumatic, especially for kids who have not fully developed yet. For this reason, it is beneficial for divorcing couples to put their relationship issues aside and try and cooperate with one another in order to parent the best they can under the unfortunate circumstances.

Our Michigan divorce and family law firm can assist you through your divorce and child custody arrangements so that your family continues to thrive. We make your family needs our top priority.


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