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About Our Law Firm

Who We Are

Debolski, Debolski, & O'Connor provides legal services for clients throughout the Metro Detroit area. Our lawyers maintain a personal commitment to each and every client and we aim to provide honest, dependable, and trustworthy legal counseling. We promise to work as hard as we possibly can to meet each and every one of your needs.

What We Are

We are a full service law firm. We believe that legal services should be cost-effective and we pride ourselves on the fact that we will fight to get each and every one of our clients the absolute best results we can. With our unwavering, results-driven approach to law, we are dedicated to providing reliable legal representation.

Why Choose Us

We collectively have over 40 years of experience practicing law. For the past few decades, we have worked ceaselessly to deliver great results to every client. We take on each case with the ultimate goal of client satisfaction. Never any hidden costs or fees and consultations are free.

Meet the Lawyers

Tim Debolski
Tim Debolski
Brendon Debolski
Brendon Debolski
Shawn O’Connor
Shawn O’Connor
Steve Bayyouk
Steve Bayyouk


  • You can bet that when your world is falling apart, they will stand by your side and give you and get you the respect we all need. So if the chips are stacked against you call Tim or Brendon 24/7. I owe them so much… Thanks guys.

    Danny, Happy Client

  • This law firm is without a doubt one that will fight tooth and nail to defend your rights in the courtroom..The hard work and determination given by Brendon in my case saved my life from becoming an utter mess. He kept me out of jail so that I did not fail my college courses and go into default on my student loans. He also hammered out a deal with a hard-nosed prosecutor so that I didn’t lose my license and my job as I drive for a living and my livelihood depends on maintaining a valid drivers license…They turned a legal nightmare into a fleeting chapter in my life that I can now put behind me.

    Aaron D. , Happy Client

  • Excellent, professional law firm who represented myself twice as well as another family member once. I felt more than confident having Shawn O’Connor defend my case in Novi Court and pleased with the outcome, as well as how they were able to work financially with me even on a short notice. I will highly recommend them to anyone in the future for any legal proceeding.

    Meghan L. , Novi

  • Mr. Debolski is by far the best attorney I have ever come across. He has helped my family with traffic tickets to misdemeanors and even a felony. He has went above and beyond to help my sister with her legal issues and was able to get almost every charge dismissed. Prior to taking a case he will let you know his personal opinion on how he thinks the case will will turn out, and he will tell you nothing but the truth. Not only is he honest but he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He puts his clients best interest first and truly cares about each of them. I would recommend this law firm especially Mr. Debolski to anyone who may need legal advice and a great attorney.

    Mc M, Happy Client

  • I have a horrible driving record and I will be the first one to admit it, but after getting a ticket, I called Mr. O’Connor. He exceeded my expectations and got the ticket dismissed. Truly impressive.

    C.M., Dearborn

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